Did you just find out that your partner is pregnant? Once she’s missed a period, everything can change – fast. We know you may be feeling scared, confused, angry, or even in denial at the news of an unplanned pregnancy. You probably have tons of questions flooding your mind, like…

  • Is she really pregnant?”
  • “Am I really the father?”
  • “Why weren’t we more careful?”
  • “What do I do now?”
  • “How will I support her?”

How to Support Your Partner

We know it can feel like a whirlwind when coming face to face with an unplanned pregnancy, but your partner needs you during this time. We are here to help support you so you can feel strong enough to support your partner. You are not alone!

Here are a few steps to making the best choice for both of you – together.

1. Confirm she’s Pregnant

Before moving forward with a pregnancy decision, pregnancy confirmation is needed. We at Positive Alternatives offer free and confidential pregnancy tests and medical referrals so you can know for sure. Offer to go with her to her appointment! Schedule a pregnancy test here.

2. Listen to Your Partner

A good way to be there for your partner during this stressful time is to listen to her. What excites her? What does she fear? Knowing that you are there to simply listen will mean the world to your partner. Determine the right time to respond and share your thoughts as well.

3. Learn about your Options

You have three pregnancy options: abortion, adoption, or parenting. The decision is up to you both. Commit to exploring your options together and getting whatever help you need to make your relationship better than ever. Process what pregnancy means for both of you.

Receive Free Support Today

We’re here to come alongside you and your partner! Our team is available to answer any of your questions and inform you so you can make a confident decision for your future.

At Positive Alternatives, you can receive the support you need with no-cost and confidential parenting classes, male mentors, and material support.

Contact us today to learn more about pregnancy confirmation, your options, and support for men. We’re here for you.